Empowering Creativity & Individuality Since 2011

As skilled artisans and avid horse enthusiasts, we take immense pride in handcrafting every detail. Our dedication to outstanding quality and unbridled self-expression results in products as unique and steadfast as you and your horse. Inclusivity is one of our core values, evident in our bestselling LGBTQ+ line and ongoing support for The Trevor Project. We are devoted to empowering you, and all horse lovers, ensuring every moment in the saddle is supported by dependable craftsmanship and emboldened by the spirit of individuality. We're thrilled to be part of your next adventure, and the many unforgettable rides that lie ahead.

-Lydia, Owner & Founder

We Love Our Amazing Customers!

Over the course of 12 years, we have had the pleasure of serving countless remarkable and skilled customers. We would be absolutely delighted to showcase your talents here as well!

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