Saddle Covers


Saddle Covers

Saddle Covers

Our custom fleece-lined saddle covers offer a practical and stylish solution to equestrians' everyday needs. Crafted by hand from high-quality materials, these covers serve a simple yet essential purpose: to keep your saddle safe and clean. A fleece lining provides a soft layer of protection against scratches and dust, ensuring your saddle remains in show-ready condition.

We understand that saddles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which is why we offer these covers in three specific cuts—all purpose, dressage, and western—and in three unique sizes: small, regular, and large. Each style is tailored to fit the contours of your saddle, providing a snug and secure fit without the bulk. Our range of size options ensure a perfect fit for every saddle, from compact pony saddles to those designed for larger riders, plus accommodations for deep seats, long flaps, and large knee blocks. With the added benefit of personalization, you can pick a cover that not only does its job well but also matches your unique style or coordinates with your barn colors.

In essence, our saddle covers are about combining functionality with a touch of personal flair. They’re a simple, everyday item, made with care and attention to detail, designed to make a small part of your riding routine a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Customer's Gray Horse Riding in the Snow With a Polka Dot Quarter Sheet

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